We are confident that our builders are the best in the industry and every home at Saanich Ridges Estates provides you with the security of a federal CSA-approved home warranty, which includes:

  • 1 year warranty on materials and labour, such as defects like trim issues or cracking
  • 2 year warranty on mechanical systems which covers materials and labour for gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors.
  • 5 year building envelope warranty protecting against water penetration and related hazards
  • 10 year structure defect warranty which covers any defect in materials and labour which may result from a failure of the load bearing components of the home or structural damage that may result from such a failure

In the unlikely circumstance that a Saanich Ridge Estates homeowner needs to temporarily vacate their home due to a structural defect, the home warranty will reimburse reasonable hotel expenses of up to$100.00 per day while the home is unhabitable 

Every new home for sale in Saanich Ridge Estates is complete with title insurance secured by Stewart Title, for the buyer’s protection, providing them comprehensive coverage against the threat of potential losses incurred by title or mortgage fraud. Your Saanich Ridges Estates title insurance protects your home, your investment, and the property rights of your heirs. 

A pre-engineered home is architecturally designed and engineered to exact specifications, standards, and quality control. Pre-engineered homes allow for the utilization of high-level building materials within an optimal construction timeline, reflecting excellent value for homeowners with homes that are quality-built, durable, and stylish.  

The Joseph family and Saanich Ridge Development Ltd. signed a mutually beneficial agreement to construct a community of homes in harmony with the surrounding environment. This legally binding contract ensures that homeowners at Saanich Ridge Estates will share the same rights and privileges for peaceful use and enjoyment of their home as all British Columbia homeowners. 

The initial lease term is 99 years and includes a pre-negotiated and agreed upon set of renewal options that can extend the lease every 20 years, up to a total of 999 years, ensuring that you and your family will enjoy living the Saanich Ridges Estates lifestyle for generations.